Update from Toronto Hydro on Davenport Project

All - here is the outcome summary from this week's meeting with Toronto Hydro - Thank you to Pym for attending on our behalf and sharing the full details.  We have been watching this project carefully because of community concerns around traffic, parking and a desire to minimize the impacts on Pump Park this summer (especially for Rathnelly Day!)

---Begin email update---

Good Morning Everyone,

I wanted to follow up on a few items from our last meeting: communications to residents, traffic plan/alternative parking recommendations and worksite signage.


I’ve attached three communications pieces that I hope will provide a good understanding of the work Powerline Plus (PLP) is doing on behalf of Toronto Hydro to upgrade the infrastructure in the area. The first is the general letter delivered on February 16th by Toronto Hydro to advise residents of the upcoming construction, project timeline and contact information for our customer operations team should residents have any concerns. The second letter was delivered on March 10th by PLP to advise residents of possible disruptions and contact information for PLP should they have any concerns. Both are part of our standard communications practice and letters are delivered to homes that are expected to be directly affected by the work.

From the discussion at our last meeting, we’ve created the third communications piece which provides further details on the project phases, Phase One timelines, community impacts and contact information. We recognize that residents outside of the delivery area of the first two notices may be impacted, so Josh and Pym, we would appreciate your assistance in sharing this information—including posting the letters on the Rathnelly community notice board. We will provide an updated version of this letter as the construction schedule for the next two phases are confirmed.

Traffic plan:

Prior to beginning construction, PLP worked with the city’s Transportation staff to identify a plan to work safely while occupying space in the public roadway. Although they were not able to identify alternative parking for the spots they will be occupying along Boulton, PLP will continue to work as diligently as possible to limit the disruption to residents in order to complete the project. 

Worksite signage:

In addition to the City of Toronto Book 7 required signage, PLP has installed signs to warn cyclists of incoming traffic / construction.

We do appreciate the patience of this community and recognize there has been a lot of ongoing work in this area. Stephen Sheehy our director of design and construction has been onsite this week to ensure construction began smoothly, Shannon Jackson from our customer operations team is on-hand at 416-542-3366 throughout the project, and PLP will address any immediate concerns and can be reached at 416-609-8272.

I hope this information is helpful, but please let me know if you have any new or outstanding concerns since our meeting.

Kind Regards,


Cindy Brooks
Public and Government Relations Consultant
Office of the President
Toronto Hydro|  14 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1K5
T: 416-542-3186  |  C416-903-0207

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