Replacing the Trees in Robertson Davies Park

At the beginning of September, HydroOne removed several old growth trees in Robertson Davies Park. Following community outcry, HydroOne has agreed to take steps to remedy the situation. On September 28, they hosted a community consultation and presented four options for new landscaping. You can review the options here. Potential solutions include replanting a row of trees, installing a green wall along the rail line and adding new trees throughout the park, adding shrubs along the rail line together with new trees throughout the park, and installing a trellis and planting large evergreens and shrubs along the rail line. 

In addition to seeking community input on what should be done to replace the trees that were cut down, HydroOne is also accepting broader feedback pertaining to the landscaping in the park. Some of our neighbours have suggested, for example, that the cement path is crumbling and needs to be repaves and that an accessible path to Avenue Road needs to be added. 

HydroOne circulated the following questions for feedback at the September 28 meeting:

  1. Which elements of the landscaping plans that were presented did you like?
  2. Which elements of the landscaping plans that were presented did you not like?
  3. Is there something you would describe as a "must see" for the park that you would like included in the plans?
  4. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

For further information or to weigh in, send an email to or call 416-345-6799.

RARA Website Live

The new Rathnelly Republic website is now live on the domain.  We will be updating content over time and migrating some of the historical documents and writing from the old site to the new.  Any content from the old site can be found at

We are also currently looking into options for payment processing on the site in order to collect 2017 annual membership fees.

An idea which came up last night at the AGM was to add a form to the website to collect Lane Name ideas.  That form is now on the Local Politics page.

AGM minutes for 2015 and 2016 will be posted shortly.

If you have not signed up for the RARA newsletter please do on the RARA page in the subscription form.  That form automatically connects to our Mailchimp email system.  Make sure to click the confirmation email in your inbox from Mailchimp after the form submission to finalize the signup.

An email will be setup shortly for any website issues or ideas.


New Rathnelly republic website

We are happy to be launching an updated website for the Rathnelly Republic.  Some key features include:

  • updated responsive design for use on desktop and mobile
  • ability to purchase RARA memberships online
  • easy subscription to our newsletter
  • links to RARA related social media such as the new @RARA_tweets
  • events calendar with simplified ability to post events
  • a blog system for articles and information

We hope the community can continue to develop the content and submit feedback around improving the web experience.  Long live the Republic!