Pump Park Update

Work in the Pump Park is continuing beyond the original estimated completion date. RARA has checked in with officials at the City of Toronto and they've provided us with the following updates and completion estimates:

Any update on the progress?

To date, groundwork under the new substation and installation of the new transformers and controls is complete.  The enclosure and final commissioning remains.

When might the temporary sub-station be removed? 

After final commissioning.  We expect September.

Will anything be done to repair the park before Hydro goes in?

Yes, re-sodding of the area north of the new substation will start in July.  The contractor will have to leave the fence as-is for a few weeks to let the sod establish, then it will be opened up.

Will the fence line remain the same?

Hydro is occupying less space.  Along the slope to the west side.  They also need the area from MacPherson to the new substation.

Updates on construction in the neighbourhood are always available on our Public Works Notices page.